Statistics Feedstock requirements Comparative diagrams [t feedstock / t biopolymer]


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Comparative diagrams [t feedstock / t biopolymer]

Comparative diagrams showing feedstock requirements for producing various types of biopolymers. The data are provided per metric ton of biopolymer.


Bio-PA 6 Feedstock requirements 0.1 MiB
Bio-PAs Feedstock requirements (castor oil) 0.1 MiB
Bio-PE Feedstock requirements 0.1 MiB
Bio-PUR Feedstock requirements (castor oil) 0.1 MiB
Biopolyester Feedstock requirements (corn)0.1 MiB
Cellulose-based polymers Feedstock requirements (feedstock wood)0.1 MiB
PBS variations Feedstock requirements (corn)0.1 MiB
PLA and PLA-Blends Feedstock requirements0.1 MiB
PTT variations Feedstock requirements (feedstock corn)0.1 MiB
Starchpolymers Feedstock requirements0.1 MiB

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