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Land use [ha / yr]

Estimated land use in hectares per year [ha / yr] for the production of bioplastics. Since no real figures for the actually produced amounts have been available for reference, the figures are based on global production capacities for bioplastics. Therefore, and given the fact that the real production amounts are below the maximum capacities, the data tend to show the maximum land use for any given case. Details on land use with respect to individual material groups, market segments or regions are provided in the sub-menu. Please note that the established data concerning regions do not reflect the real data that would apply locally. The area specified for any given region is assumed in the diagrams to represent the land area potentially required to produce feedstock for bioplastics in that particular region, regardless of the specific location of the feedstock production. To read more about the methodology taken, please go to that particular section in the menu.


Global biopolymer land use [ha]0.1 MiB

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