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(17/01/2018) Due to planned extensive website improvements later in the course of this year, this platform will no longer be updated. To get the most recent data, we strongly recommend to use our brochure “Biopolymers – Facts and statistics 2017” available here:

Welcome to the Biopolymer Platform - the knowledge database for bioplastics!

IfBB Hannover - The Institute for Bioplastics and Biocomposites - has set up this platform to present a wide range of current data, facts and figures pertaining to the bioplastics market.

The most important market-related and technical facts on current and future markets for bio-based plastics are described in a comprehensive, highly transparent and coherent way.

Free access and traceability of data collection and calculations provide a basis for entering into more rational debates on all issues concerning bioplastics.

Specifically, the IfBB platform serves to outline the key data relevant to the production of bioplastics, for example process routes, land use, or use of renewable resources. Process routes are delineated in detail from the raw material to the finished product, describing the individual process steps, intermediate products, and input-output streams.

In addition to the technical data, up-to-date market figures are provided. Many diagrams are included and available for download, for example on production capacities, regional distribution, monetary market shares, or fields of application for various bioplastics. Also available are detailed comparative data of individual groups of material, their fields of application, regions, feedstock and land use efficiencies as well as current markets and market trends over a five-year period, etc.

To allow easy navigation and quick access to the data, the main menu is arranged by categories such as feedstock and land use, biopolymer output, process routes, and wide-ranged market figures on production capacities. Also included are sub-menus with information on individual aspects.

Details on how to navigate the biopolymer platform are available in the How to use this website section.

The Methodology section describes how the data was assessed.

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All data can be accessed and downloaded free of charge. Figures and diagramms are protected by copyright law as IfBB property. They may be reproduced, distributed and generally made available for scientific or private purposes, provided that the IfBB is cited as the author. The data must not be adapted, modified or changed in any way. Any commercial use is prohibited.

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