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(17/01/2018) Due to planned extensive website improvements later in the course of this year, this platform will no longer be updated. To get the most recent data, we strongly recommend to use our brochure “Biopolymers – Facts and statistics 2017” available here:

How to use this website

This chapter provides brief instructions on how to navigate this website.

The Basics

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Of main importance in this platform are the market figures on bioplastics. They provide comprehensive market-related information such as production capacities, which are assessed for Germany, Europe and worldwide. The data basically refer to the years 2013 and 2014.
Also included is detailed information on land use and feedstock requirements for the production of bioplastics. The figures are derived by relating the production capacities to the chemical-technical steps in the production process and to the particular mass flows in the process routes.

The mass flows differ depending on which of the following two aspects is considered:

Additional information is available in subcategories (e.g. on materials, applications, comparative data on land use and feedstock demand, or regional distribution patterns, monetary market shares, current figures and development trends for the next five years).

Current research and development activities focusing on new raw materials or new technologies for bioplastics are addressed in the fields Future technologies and Future feedstock resources.